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enrolled agent exam

The Enrolled Agent Exam Prep program prepares tax professionals for the Enrolled Agent exam. And download the official IRS EA Candidate Bulletin, which will answer all your technical questions about how to sign up for the exam. Our study guides also include a complete step-by-step overview of how to sign up and study for the EA exam.

enrolled agent exam

His background in tax accounting has served as a solid base supporting his current book of business. Finally, most candidates start with Part 1, and when some of them fail, they cease their pursuit of the EA designation.

Cpe Hours

Examinations are closed book with no notes nor electronic devices permitted. At the end of the test, the computer will indicate whether the candidate has passed or failed the exam. Being an enrolled agent gives you access to a complicated practice. Agents must have an in-depth knowledge of IRS requirements, documentation, and paperwork. • No other course provides you with sample tax returns and teaches you how to read your clients’ minds. EAs who also hold CPA licensure and wish to investigate financial crimes might consider becoming certified in financial forensics .

enrolled agent exam

Although most candidates will have a degree in accounting or a similar field, there are no specific educational requirements to sit for the exam and gain this credential. However, the exam is going to be nearly impossible to complete unless you already have a degree or extensive experience in the field. To become an enrolled agent, the candidate must pass a criminal background check along with a suitability check.

How Many Questions Are On Each Part Of The Examination? Updated 3

Many EAs compete with CPAs and other types of accountants. As an EA, you can help clients with tax returns as well as advise on any tax related concerns. You will also use your expertise to represent clients who need to deal with the IRS in any capacity, such as during an audit.

  • In the following chart, you’ll see the EA syllabus for 2022.
  • After you complete the EA exam scheduling process, check your email to make sure you receive your appointment confirmation, which contains other useful information about your exam.
  • Please note that masks with exhale valves will not be permitted in test centers.
  • NSA is approved by NASBA, the IRS, ACAT, and CTEC as a provider of continuing professional education.
  • If the answer April 16 isn’t available, but the option April 15 is, then April 15 is the single best answer.
  • The Income Tax School is now part of Surgent, and Surgent’s EA Review , is a leader in EA Exam preparation, which will help you prepare for the EA Exam .

Various study guides are marketed by those planning to take the enrolled agent exam. The cost of such guides ranges from free to $700 or more. Keep in mind that free guides are very basic, and you may want to pay for a study guide if you are at all uncertain of your ability to pass any part of the exam. Accountants have the option to earn various certifications, but few are as valuable as that of an enrolled agent . This certification is the highest tax professional credential that the IRS recognizes. This means they can represent any taxpayer and any sort of tax issue before the IRS.

About The Special Enrollment Examination see Exam

You can submit your PTIN application every year starting in mid-October. In addition to the PTIN fee, make sure to plan ahead for other Enrolled Agent exam costs, like studying for and scheduling your exam. Make sure that you qualify to take the exam before scheduling and paying a fee. Unlike many professional jobs, you don’t need a degree in a specific field of study—or a degree at all—so you can take the EA exam at any point. The sections of each exam are taken separately on different dates. If a candidate passes one part of the exam, that score is carried over for up to two years.

That candidate has until November 15, 2023 to pass the remaining part. The candidate has until February 15, 2024 to pass all other parts of the examination or will lose credit for Part 2. Generally, candidates who pass a part of the examination can carry over a passing score up to two years from the date they passed that part of the examination. If you pass, the score report will show a passing designation.

Applying For Enrollment

Candidates may take the three exam parts (Individuals; Businesses; and Representation, Practices, and Procedures) in any order. Prospective Enrolled Agents must pass all three exam parts within a two-year period to apply for enrollment. Due to COVID-19, appointments may be impacted due to local, state or federal guidance and/or test center availability. If this occurs, you will receive an email informing you that your appointment has been rescheduled and it will include new appointment information. In addition, you will receive a second email explaining what to do if your new appointment date, time and location does not work for you.

  • In general, any overdue tax return that has not been filed or any unpaid taxes unless acceptable payment arrangements have been established.
  • The exam is administered by the testing company Prometric at testing centers throughout the United States and many other countries around the world.
  • Software tool that takes an initial assessment of your EA exam knowledge to establish a baseline.
  • REG, on the other hand, has trickier multiple-choice questions and the dreaded task-based simulations , which are case study-like questions.
  • Entry-level Enrolled Agents will mainly be expected to work as tax practitioners.
  • EAs are federally-licensed tax professionals who specialize in tax preparation and have unlimited rights to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service.

Networking with peers before an exam is super beneficial. Fast Forward Academy nurtures an online community of fellow test-takers to share and engage with. Connect instantly using the Online Community feature and join any conversation with the click of a button.

Become An Enrolled Agent

Even more, they emulate the exam day perfectly so there won’t be any surprises when the time comes. You can take each part of the exam up to four times per testing period. When you make the choice to become an EA, you’re demonstrating a commitment to excellence, as well as special tax competence that supports and services all your clients’ needs.

Throughout this period, the number of examinations rose every year through 2009. Current plans are for a substantial increase in examinations from present levels.

Yes, the EA exam is considered hard, with varying levels of difficulty between each section. Section 2 that focuses on business is regarded as the hardest part of the examination to pass. The pass rate for part 2 is traditionally much lower than for the other two parts of the exam. You may want to take this into consideration when studying. The published pass rates for the exam are broken down by exam part. Each part of the exam contains 100 questions that must be answered in 3.5 hours.

Still, in doing so, some of the information that may prove useful for a beginner got lost as well. Overall, an enrolled agent acts as an intermediary between IRS and taxpayers who face problems involving taxes. The video lectures demonstrate every aspect you must know in order to pass. You can follow along with the textbook and rewind if something doesn’t make sense. The videos are professional and the data easily retainable.

That being said, they just added videos recently, so it may just take time to build a library. When it comes to pricing flexibility, Surgent offers a variety of ways to pay. In addition to monthly financing through Affirm, the EA review can be purchased both in packages or as separate lessons. Wouldn’t you like to know right now what you’d score on the exam? Surgent’s ReadySCORE technology takes the guesswork out of readiness. The system will predict with 95% accuracy what you would score on the exam if you took it today. All EA candidates must obtain a Preparer Tax Identification Number .

If the answer April 16 isn’t available, but the option April 15 is, then April 15 is the single best answer. April 15 is generally the filing deadline, so you should select that answer option. Therefore, as of May 1, 2022, the Enrolled Agent exams have the following additions from the previous year.

The Exam Is Presented In Three Different Sections:

The cost to test out of the Comprehensive Tax Course is $100. Increased Expertise – Becoming an enrolled agent will improve your knowledge about the various https://www.bookstime.com/ rules and regulations can help make you a better tax practitioner. Unlimited Earning Potential, Enrolled Agent Salary – You control your career.

The concepts and facts are explained in detail but some of the facts are a bit out of date. This is not extremely important because they are not critical concepts in the tax law but still, it is best you know. The PassKey EA Review Guide is the one resource that truly demystifies complex tax law and shows students everything follows a specific logic. All questions are scored, with the exception of 15 experimental questions that are unscored. The exam is administered through Prometric and is only offered from May 1 to Feb. 28 of the following year. You may not want to spend a ton of time on the site since it’s an eyesore, but WiseGuides does offer some pretty exceptional instructor-led videos. The detailed lessons are methodical and aptly timed to get the gears grinding.

All score values above passing indicate that a candidate is qualified — not how qualified. You will also receive diagnostic information which may indicate areas of weakness in your performance where you may need continuing education. To provide candidates flexibility in testing because of the global enrolled agent exam pandemic, the two-year period is extended to three years. Generally, enrolled agents must obtain a minimum of 72 hours per enrollment cycle . A minimum of 16 hours must be earned per year, two of which must be on ethics. Review detailed information about continuing education for enrolled agents.

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