Sober Living vs Halfway House: What’s the Difference?

But before you start looking for more information about sober houses, you should make sure that this is the best option for you. Eudaimonia Sober Living Homes in Austin, sober house vs rehab Houston, and Colorado Springs are private facilities made for the people who want to stay and a place free from temptations after completing the rehab treatment.

What is the meaning of sober living?

Sober living is just like it sounds, a place to stay where you'll have a supportive community and can start your new life free from alcohol or other drugs. Residents in sober-living homes commit to abstaining from substance use while participating in outpatient programming or after completing inpatient drug rehab.

Is a force of healing and hope for individuals, families and communities affected by addiction to alcohol and other drugs. Through charitable support and a commitment to innovation, the Foundation is able to continually enhance care, research, programs and services, and help more people. Quite often, medical detox will be the first phase of recovery when entering drug rehab. Detox can take anywhere from several hours to days at an inpatient drug rehab. The next stage in recovery is dealing with the underlying causes for the drug or alcohol addiction through various treatment modalities such as therapy, group support, family involvement, etc. If there is also a dual diagnosis, the treatment must address the addiction and the mental health disorder separately.

How to Get Well-Rounded Recovery Support After Rehab

Level three homes can include several different residential settings, whereas level four homes may be more institutional in nature. While completing a substance abuse rehab program before moving in may not be required, it can help individuals to stay sober. However, if residents are willing to remain sober, follow all house rules, and guarantee medical stability, they should feel free to apply. While halfway houses are licensed by the state and staffed by the provider, sober homes are typically privately owned. They are regulated differently and are overseen by a “house manager” who is also a resident in recovery. Those who feel they need long-term accountability and community support can benefit from sober living homes.

What happens when you get out of rehab?

After completing detoxification and inpatient rehabilitation, a person in recovery will return to normal life. This includes work, family, friends, and hobbies. All these circles and events can trigger cravings and temptations. Research suggests most relapses occur in the first 6 months after treatment.

You will be court-ordered to stay for a specific time in many cases. Sober living houses refer to group residences for people recovering from addiction. Group therapy often occurs once or several times a week as a part of an addiction treatment plan.

What Is a Sober Living House?

In most cases, it’s best to go from a residential treatment program into a sober living community. Residential treatment programs are extremely effective for breaking people out of an addiction, but it can be difficult to make the jarring transition back into an old life without relapsing. This type of sober living house also provides a high level of support for residents and is often affiliated with outpatient rehab programs in Illinois. People in transitional housing usually need temporary accommodation while looking for a job or affordable housing after rehab. Maintaining sobriety can be a difficult process, however, a sober living house may provide you with the kind of structure and support you’ll need to maintain your sobriety. If you’re having a hard time adjusting to a sober life, reach out to a mental health professional who specializes in addiction and substance use. While sober homes can offer continued support during the early stages of your loved one’s ongoing recovery, they differ from inpatient drug rehab in several important ways.

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