Winter tyre advice

1. For winter driving, you should be happy on a surface temperature of about 2 degrees. This means that you should be happy on roads like sand and snowy roads. The good news is that most 44’s will cope with roads with a surface temperature of this rating and have the ability to cope with much colder conditions. The bad news is that this is only true when driving on sand and snow roads. When it comes to tarmac and dry roads, you will get much worse results and you will need to fit winter tyres.

2. We recommend the Continental Trail Brake. The Trail Brake is a non-drain slick tyre designed specifically for the 44. It is better suited to the harsher winter conditions. However, if you intend to use your 44 on sand, you need to stick with the Continental Grand Prix 4000s. The Grand Prix 4000s have proved to be very popular for their comfort and flexibility on a wide range of roads and terrain. The Grand Prix 4000s are available in 25mm width and will cope with a wider range of roads. They also have good performance and are ideal for the winter.

3. We recommend the Continental Winterfest. This tyre has good puncture protection with a puncture resistance of over 95 percent. It also has a low rolling resistance, which means that acceleration is enhanced and corners are straight and easy to handle. It also has excellent wet and icy performance. But the Winterfest has very low temperature resistance and is not suitable for winter conditions. If you plan to use your 44 on roads covered in snow, you can use either of these two tyres. But if you plan to go on dry roads, we recommend the Continental Grand Prix 4000s.

4. You need to make sure that your car has a tyre pressure gauge. You need to make sure that you check the pressures regularly and adjust them accordingly. If you have your car calibrated regularly, you will get the best results from your tyre pressures by checking them regularly.

5. You need to stay hydrated. You need to take short breaks, every couple of hours, to avoid draining the tyre pressures.

If you are a fan of winter driving, winter camping, winter hiking, winter touring and enjoy long winter drives, then the Continental Grand Prix 4000s would be ideal. It is a tyre that is designed to be long lasting and reliable. If you want a versatile tyre that is easy to fit, this is the tyre for you. It has a low rolling resistance, low temperature resistance and a high puncture resistance.